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Our Mission & Strategy

Florida Medical Tourism is a unique global service in medical care. It was originally designed to offer special medical services to global customers, specifically from the Middle East (Arabic speaking areas). The program was founded in the spring of 2012 to offer culturally sensitive medical services with emphasis on universal values and compassionate care. 

Florida is one of the most frequently visited destinations in the world.

About Florida Medical TourismIt has its magic and attracts just about everybody to visit and enjoy a tropical paradise. Florida is also a final destination for retirement living.

Introducing an exciting new service which will add to Florida's charm called Medical Tourism! Boosting Florida's economy and helping to globally connect the healthcare delivery system.

Come and experience a warm welcome and great service. Do not let our name fool you, Florida Medical Tourism serves inbound and outbound clients (patients) globally.

Dr. Eldin is the President of the Tampa Bay chapter of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs.




ourteam-dr-adel-eldinDr. Adel Eldin
// Founder
Dr. Ghada Zaher
// Women's Doctor
Baha Alak
// Vice President and
Global Coordinator